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Friday 10 March 2017

(ENG) Paris Half Marathon (Fitbit Semi de Paris) 05.03.2017

While Paris itself is always tasteful and elegant, its half marathon happened to be a test of endurance due to weather conditions...

1. This picture shows the key point to know about Semi de Paris. Huge number of participants.

2. Which means a long line to the Expo entrance, as well.

3. However, there are no lines inside. Perfect organization.

4. Runners are making themselves familiar with the route.

5. The runners are divided into 8 starting groups. The latest groups will start when the first participants will already have finished.

6. Feeding zones provide raisins, oranges, bananas and sugar.

7. Morning of the race day.

8. Pre-race BG 7.1 mmol/L. Green light for the run.

9. Being a slow runner from the 2:00 starting block, I had an opportunity to watch the elite runners warm up.



12. And start.

13. You can see that the 2:00 block is the longest.

14. The longest block implies the longest queue...

15. ...unless you enter the starting corкidor from the opposite side (you cansee from the scheme above that each of the starting corridors had two entrance points).

16. The wrap seems familiar... A fellow BCN1/2 finisher!

17. And this girl is a New-York City Marathon fininsher (and also a 2:00 pacemaker).

18. Waiting for the starts.

19. The weather is "+7C, feels like +3C", windy, rainy.

20. Start, at last.


22. Feeding zones at each 5km.

23. Another BCN1/2 finisher.

24. Supporters.

25. "Cretiens d'Orient" was probably the most noticeble group among the supporters.

26. Aproaching Bastille.

27. The support here is overhelming.


29. The tower of Saint-Jacques.

30. Hotel de Ville.

31. These supporters know where to hide from rain and wind.

32. Runners cheer up each other, too.


34. Music bands were numerous.


36. Closer to the finish line, the distance marks are supplemented with encouraging signs (in French).

37. The fininsh. The picture is foggy because of the rain, but it properly reflects the feeling of being a finisher.


39. People in wraps are handing out the wraps to the people without wraps.

40. Medals.

41. Could not get the medal out of the pack, as my fingers were too cold. You can see Cheatau de Vencennes on the background.

42. Feeding zone afteer the finish line included water..

43. ... bananas, oranges, and bread. No queueing.


45. Post-race BG: 7.7 mmol/L. From 7.1 to 7.7 through 21.1K running, 4x30g carbs + one banana and some raisnins.

46. I was relatively fast (faster than in Barcelona), which was not planned. Had to keep the pace to avoid freezing,

Unfortunately, bad weather impaired the experience of Semi de Paris. Big thanks to volunteers and supporters who endured the rain and wind and cold for many hours helping the runners survive!

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