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Wednesday 1 February 2017

(ENG) Lisbon - one day on the flea market (Feira da Ladra)

Feira da Ladra, Lisbon's historical flea market, is a good option to spend a pre-race ("taper") day. The market has been among Lisbon's attractions since XIIth century and nowadays it takes place two days a week. Luckily for a Fim da Europa participant, one of those days is Saturday...

1. Feira da Ladra itself can be seen on the right. The building on the left is Pantheon (also worth visiting). This picture has been taken early in the morning.

2. On Saturday the market spreads far beyond its historical building. The latter is the blue box on the map, while the real trade area lies (approximatly) within the red line.

3. From the very morning the streets around Feira da Ladra are getting full of people.

4. The market buiding itsels can hardly be seen behind the crowd.


6. All means are used as market stalls.

7. The police are here just in case.

8. A salesman.

9. One cannot always easily tell a salesman from a customer here.

10. A sales-van.

11. Thought of trying to sell my T-shirts here, but failed the price competition ((

12. You can find aything you can imagine here...


14. ...utencils...

15. ...books...



18. ...cloths...

19. ...and many other useful items.

20. The place is crowded, but more visitors are just looking, not buying.



23. Street down to Pantheon.

24. Here's a happy buyer with a bicycle wheel. Could be a thriathlete?

25. Before leaving Feira da Ladra it's worth going up to Jardim Botto Machado - a small garden (the green spot on the map above).

26. The garden is turned to farmers' market for a day. Not as crowded, as the flea market below.

27. Also, there's a nice cafe in the garden ovelooking both the flea market and Pantheon. That's a good place for a pause.

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