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Wednesday 22 February 2017

(ENG) Attika Run&Fun Grand Prix

My choice of a race in Greece (for 8/100) fell on the first race in the Attika Run&Fun Grand Prix series...

"Attika" in the race title was borrowed from the name of a sponsor, not from the name of the region (which is Attica). The Grand Prix consists of five races run from Feb. to May in several Athens districts. I laced my shoes for the first one, which took place on Feb. 19 in Peuki.

1. First of all, you have to speak Greek to enroll for the race (the site is in Greek only). That done, you can collect your starting kit just before the start (same place, same day). You can see a line of 5K runners, while there's not much action in the 10K corridor (to the left).

2. May take a look at the winners' cups for the sake of motivation.

3. The starting kit includes the bib (with pins), a T-shirt (optional)...

4. ...and the chip on a ribbon, which is attached to your shoelace (the chip is supposed to be returned after the race).

5. Nearby stadium with restrooms and changing rooms is an advantage.

6. The warm up.

7. Time to start.


9. Wave to the cameraman to get your picture on my website ))

10. Speeding downhill is a skill developed during the Fim da Europa race.


12. The race course lies within residential area, but there are some green spots.

13. The traffiic is controlled by the police.

14. Some of the locals take a chance to take a selfie with runners.

15. Others prefer to spend their Sunday morning shopping.

16. An Athens Authentic Marathon 2016 finisher.

17. The race course is a 5K loop, so for each downhill there must be an uphill.

18. A volunteer is showing the way to the finish line.

19. Red bibs (5K) - finish, green bibs (10K) - another lap.

20. After the fininsh line the runners are given water...

21. ...bananas...

22. ...non-alco beer...

23. And the medal, of course!

24. There was a pro photo service, too. The pictures were uploaded really soon.


26. The 5K winners (men) award ceremony.


28. 10K female winners.

29. 10K male winners.

I would recommend the Attika Run&Fun series for those considering a fun run in Greece and accustomed to Greek culture (better - in good command of Greek). The race course seems pretty fast (despite ups and downs). The results (now, two days after the race) are only available for the top three finishers in each category (best male 10K: 40'56'', best female 10K: 45'47'', best male 5K: 17'45', best female 5K: 22'27'').

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