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Friday 10 February 2017

(ENG) A few pictures from Seville

Just a few more views of sevillian life...

1. Sevillian life is all about the street. Sevillians prefer standing and chatting outside to sitting inside cafes or their homes.

2.  They also love dogs. All dogs in Seville are well groomed and taken care of.

3. This is the only cat I found in Seville.

4. The city is arcitecturally rich.


6. Narrow streets of the old town.

7. You can spot a piece of the Cathedral in the mirror.

8. The unpleasant part of a tourist attraction - gypsies. Quite annoying and pushy. This is not a peculiarity of Seville - you can encounter this kind of bad practice in many European cities (unfortunately).

9. And here's a sample of modern architecture. Locals call it a "lipstick".

10. Another piece of modernity: solar battery.

11. Both modern and tradition find its ways in Seville.


13. Two-wheel means of transportation are very popular .

14. There are parking lots devoted to motocycles...

15. ...and spaces on the crossroads .

16. City transportation is also comfortable.

17.  City rent-a-bike service has a wide network. I saw people, who could not park their rented bicycles, because all the slots were occupied. What would you do in this case?

19. There are bicycle lanes with a covering...

20. ... and without.

21. The bicycle lanes can be used by people on wheelchairs, too.

22. I wonder if the police control the speed limit for the bicycles ))

23. Bycicle lane on the Amarillo bridge.


25. Rowing is almost as popular as running in Seville.


27. This girl is riding along the channel and giving commands to a team of rowers.

28. There some autos in the city, as well. Staying parked and getting rusty...

29. Traffic lights can be funny...

30. This is what an ordinary traffic light looks like.

31. And this is a funny traffic light. I saw two of these: near the Isabel II bridge and near Plaza de Armas bus station.

32. An orchestra is gathering down the Isabel II bridge.



35. Sevillians love music, they even have heir own Mozart:

36. And this is said to be the biggesst statue in Spain.

37. Columbus in an egg.

38. Two runners are shown to evaluate the scale of it.

39. Juan Belmonte Garcia - a prominent bullfighter.


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