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Thursday 9 February 2017

(ENG) HbA1c test in Seville

I do the HbA1c test every three month, and this time it happened to be in Spain...

1. The first step was to google a "lab" on the map and choose the nearest one.

2. The one that I found is located on Avenida Republica de Argentina just behind the Plaza de Cuba metro station, between the MasGo supermarket...

3. ...and the "Notaria" office.


5. The only picture I managed to take inside the place is the view of the lobby.

I had a short dialogue in Spanish with the lady at the reception desk:

-Can you make me a hemoglobinas test?
-You mean, glycosylated hemoglobin?
-Yes, right.
-Sure, no probleem.
-Tomorrow morning?
-Yes, you can come anytime startingfrom 9 a.m.
-Without breakfast?
-Let me check this... (after a telephone call) No, you can have your breakfast before the test.
-How much does it cost?
-20 euro.
-If I can have it after the breakfast, may I have it now?
-Yes, indeed. Do you have your passport with you?

It took a couple of minutes to enter my data (including the e-mail to send the results) and another few minutes to take my blood. In Russia they usually demand you have an empty stomach before you go for a test. However, here in Spain they made the test regardless of me having food or not. Do they have different testing equipment or test protocols? Or is it just a weird Russian tradtition? Who knows.

6. Los resultados were in my e-mail in three days (two of which were a weekend), 6.4%.

Not bad, considereing the New Year imbalances in diet and the change in lifestyle due to the   8/100 project. The latter, though, will have its full affect on my HbA1c by the next test, which is scheduled for early May.

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