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Thursday 9 February 2017

(ENG) Best places to run: Seville

Seville is a very runner-friendly city. A runner can find multiple options for training here...

(1) "Get out of your hotel/apartment/tent and run!" Possible, but not very comfortable due to traffic and tourists (please don't run along tram ways, as the man on the photo does).

(2) Running tours. Yes. you can find a trained guide and see Seville running. Exciting. I didn't managed to take one, as all the guides I could find had been already booked for the weekend ((

There are also guided tours for cyclists.

(3) Embarkments. Those go along the Alfonso XIII channel through the whole city.

Running along the channel provides nice views of the city and some of its landmarks.

(4) The Maria Luisa park.

You get colorful views of Square of Spain and the park.

But also, tourists and all kinds of distracting activities.

(5) The Vega de Triana park adjacent to the Triana neighborhood and the Guadalkivir river.

Wide, open, clear.

With a running lane.

The outer ring makes approx. 4 km.

No need to look down, the surface is smooth.

 However, don't loose your concentration competely. Just in case ))

Those with vehicles can use  the parking lot.

Locals come here for weekend picnics.

To sum up, if you stay in Triana neighborhood in Seville, the Vega de Triana park is a perfect option for a run.

Keep running!

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