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Monday 6 February 2017

(ENG) From Lisbon to Seville by train&bus

I had plenty of time between Fim da Europa and Barcelona HM, so I took a trip to Seville by train and bus....

1. My rout included a train from Lisbon-Oriente to Faro and a bus from Faro to Seville. The way starts at Lisbon-Oreinte station:

2. The train has been announced.

3. Some exits to the trains are equipped with escalators.

4. Others are not.

5. Here's the train. Includes a bar-carriage.

6. The second class carriage.

7. Train is a good option to get views of the city.

8.  Passing the 25th of April bridge.

9. Trip to Faro takes around 3:30' .

10. You just keep going the same way and come to a bus station soon. However, this is not the one I need.

11. The bus station for international destinations in the next building.


13. The luggage room is closed from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Had to have lunch with my bag with me.

14. The bus to Spain was not on the departures list on the display ("it's another operator" I was told), but was not hard to find.

15. The bus is nearly empty. No stops, comfortable journey.

16. Views of Portugal.

17. Views of Spain. No customs control.

18. Arrivaal to Seville was in the dark.

Overall, despite a full day travelling, it was a comfortable journey and pleasant experience. Would certainly recommend it instead of the plane, if you go from Lisbon to Seville.

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