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Friday 19 May 2017

(ENG) 8/100 - finished!

The "Eight Countries/Eight Races in 100 Days" project has been completed. Time to share some of the results.

1. Running

As had been planned, I finished 8 races in 8 countries. My running mileage during the three months of the journey was 105K, 143K, 111K, which implies weekly mileage of less than 30K (19 miles). This seems low, but it allowed my body to have enough capacity to withstand all kinds of stress while moving to new environment nearly each week.

My race reports:

Fim da Europa, Portugal: reportvideo
eDreams Mitja Marato de Barcelona, Spain: reportvideo
Attika Run&Fun Grand Prix, Greece: reportvideo
Fitbit Semi de Paris, France: report
Vip Zagreb21, Croatia: reportvideo (bonus: Laguna Porec HM)
Vivicitta Budapest Spring Half Marathon, Hungary: reportvideo
Vienna City Marathon (10K), Austria: report
Wings for Life World Run, Italy: video

2. Diabetes

I started the 8/100 journey with HbA1c at 6.9%, it went down to 6.4% (tested in Seville) and went back to 6.8% (tested right after the journey). It seems that a traveller's way of life has not affected the diabetes flow adveresly (if consider HbA1c only). However, there was an adverse effect on BG variability (but this is subjective, don't have any figures as a proof). My belief stays were it was - one can live a life of his or her choice while keeping the D under control.

3. $$$

What have I got for my 11th. EUR? Only this:

But it was a value deal, if you ask me ))

Big thanks to Glucocard for complete supply of test-strips for my glucometer, and to PowerUp for supply of carbo-gels for my training and racing!

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