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Thursday 13 April 2017

(ENG) 32nd Telekom Vivicitta #Budapest half marathon 2017

The Budapest HM happened to be my slowest among the 8/100 runs. However, supportive people and good organization outweighed the disappointment.

1. The big tent is the starting kit collection point.

2. No queues, no bureaucracy, no time-waste.

3. Runners study the race course and the starting area map.

4. After receiveing the bib you are asked to check your chip at a special machine.

5. The starting kit includes a T-shirt, the bib, a participant's guide-book, a Distance Running magazine and a sponge.

6. The backside of the T-shirt was designed be an autistic artist (his name is Mate Varga).

7.  The "runners' holiday" started on Saturday with a Family Run. Many people were carrying bottles of water. I don't know, what those were supposed to mean (unfortunately, there was no info about this in the participant's guide-book).


9. This boy is stealing the show! Here he goes up the "D" letter in "Budapest" sign...

10. ...and a minute later he is among participants of the Suhanj! Disability Run.

11. And in the afternoon I spotted him on the 5K race course. He has his bib, so, I suppose, he participated in this event, too!

12. There were two 5K runs, actually, since all runners could not be fitted into one race.

13. Running is very popular in Budapest, which sets itself as a "new running capital of Europe".

14. Also, there was a 3x2K relay. Leg one...

15. ...leg two. Are they brothers runing the relay?

16. Now it's Sunday and time to go for the start of the half marathon.

17. BG:10.8 mmol/L. High enough to avoid worrying about possible "hypo", not high enough to worry about possible "hyper".

18. The starting area is in a park.

19. The sky is clear. The day is going to be hot.

20. The runners are divided into six starting blocks according to their expected finish time.

21. You can't even see the starting gate out of the 4th starting block.

22. Almost 12 minutes is the gap between the leaders' start and the 4th starting wave.

23. Opera house to the left.

24. People are very supportive.

25. Here's where you need your sponge. Moist the sponge in the bucket and use it to cool yourself down.

26. There were four feeding stations with water, bananas, isotonic and glucose, and two more with water only.

27. Musical bands were also present.

28. Drummers at Danube.

29. Kilometer marks are clearly visible.

30. The Western Railway Station to the right. The day was hotter than something my body was used to, and by this point I had to convince myself to keep running.

31. Oh, yes, there was a relay race also (2X10K).

32. Not yet, this gate shows "100m to the finish line".

33. Here's the finish gate.

34. A medal.

35. A bag full of snacks and an apple. A 1.5L bottle of water, also, which was very appreciated, as the temperature reached +23C by the end of the race.

36. "New runners" (those who were running their first HM) were marked with a special back-side sign. "Old runners" tried to cheer them up along the way.


38. The finish area.

39. Runner Tony.

40. My BG "dropped" from 10.8 to 9.4 mmol/L. Not much of a change for a 21.1K run.

41.  #runinbudapest provided an app to track a runner's progress through the race on a map. The app could also be used to get the personal result right after the finish. Cool!

42. What do you do on Sunday afternoon after a half marathon? It depends... If you're in Budapest, you go out and support fellow-runners running the 10K race, that started at 2 p.m.


44. This lady seems to be not from a Hungarian team, but supports every runner. That's a role-model!

45. This man in a brutal ladybird apparel has just completed the 21.1K race, but still has enough energy to cheer up the 10K runners .

46. Two more HM finishers.

47.  Just a nice picture.

48. There was a "sweep bus" following the runners. Those who dropped out of the time limit were collected by the bus.


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