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Tuesday 25 April 2017

(ENG) Vienna City Marathon 10K race 22.04.2017

The 10K race in Vienna was run one day before the marathon, which was a drawback if you consider the weather...

Rainy and windy - that was the weather like in Vienna on Saturday.

1. The 10K race was preceded by Austrian 5K Championships in the U18 category.

 2. Nice flight.

3. These cars will follow the leaders of the 10K (the man and the woman).

4. There are starting blocks, but you can take place in any if them according to your own pace expectations.

5. The race course is not a loop, so the trucks are going to take the runners' clothes form the start to the finish.

6. The starting area is getting filled with runners. Greeks are taking photos with their national flag.

7. The start. Don't get confused by the "5" - it's a point of the previous 5K race start.

8. Russian girls.

9. A photographer in search for unusual angle.

10. No highfives - too broad a dividing grass.

11. But many of them here, just before the 5K mark.

12. The 5K mark itself.

13. "Isn't it Runner Tony?!" - exclaims the gentleman (or at least it seems so to me).


15. This man approached me after the finish and thanked for "pacing" him. That's the spirit of Fair Play and runners' brotherhood!

16. While on Sat crossing a steet seems easy, on Sun (the M day) it will be complicated. There will be around 38 th. runners on the road (marathon+half marathon+relay).

17. The Saturday evening is rainy.

18. The Parliament.

19. The Opera house.

20. One km to go.

21. The final spurt!

22. And the finish line.



15. The 10K finishers are given the same medals as the marathon finishers.


17. Exhausted, but happy.

18. Finisher's bag: apple, banana, water, isotonic.

19. There was sweet tea, too.

The 10K in Vienna is a good chance to meet cheerful people, see many historical buildings and maybe set a new PB (the race course is pretty fast). The drawback: unpredictable weaather.

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