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Tuesday 31 January 2017

(ENG) Lisbon - one day on the riverside

I wanted to spend my first day in Portugal somewhere close to open water. The Ocean postponed for the run day (Fim da Europa), the nearest choice left was Tejo river in Lisbon...

1. At 8 a.m. the riverside is virtually free of humans.

2. Fog covers the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge.

3. Only a few early pedestrians, some cyclists and runners are seen.


5. The fog is gone by the midday. 

6. The bridge is clearly seen now. Tourists are filling the embankment.

7. Locals, too.

8. Citizens of Lisbon.

9. Another Fim da Europa participant, possibly?

10. A man is creating a sand figure, which could be called "a pointing finger".


12. A colleague of his is working on a crocodile.


14. The work takes many hours. The artist tries to earn a living with the help of the hat.

15. "Feeding the birds is prohibited".

16. The birds disagree.

17. Meantime, the crocodile is almost ready.


19. Nice buddy.

20. And here's another form of creativity...

21. ...performed by the man in a blue cap.

22. He creates figures of stones and draws faces on them. Has a full army of those figures.


24. The day is rolling to the end. Youngsters gather on the grass to see the sunset.

25. Older ones prefer deck chairs.

26. Or cafe tables.

27. The sun is going down.


29. What's he doing?.

30. Not tired of the sunset?

31. A man and a bird in the sunset light.

32. The day is over. The night is coming.

to be continued

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