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Wednesday 25 January 2017

(ENG) 8/100 - packing for the journey

Packing for a hundred-day journey is easier said than done. How not to forget everything vital? What to put in the emergency kit? It tooks some time and effort to squeeze all the stuff in one bag without exceedeing the airlines' weight limit...

I prefer travelling with two items: the bag in the baggage and the backpack (hand luggage) for the most valuable things (cameras, notebook, insulin, documents).

The first thing I did was to make a list of all the things I need to take with me, grouped into five categories: running, wardrobe, pharma ("emergency kit"), bathroom, other.

1. Next, I layed things from the list on the floor of my apartment, so that nothing is forgotten. The photo does not give proper view of the pile, actually.

2. Obviously, all the stuff could not be fitted in my bag as it was. I had to perform some magic to make the things smaller. For example, I took all the Glucocard test-strips (provided by Arkrus company) out of the boxes and moved test-strips from each third can to other cans. As a result, 15 boxes of test-strips turned into ten (smaller) cans.

3. The PowerUp energy gels were just put in a bag.

4.  The NSP products (vitamins and additives) had to be "reshuffled", too. Didn't take photos, but the principle "two cans instead of three" worked here, just as with the test-strips.

5. And of course, all the wardrobe items were rolled (the cloths are less wrinkled when packed this way).

Surprisingly, all the stuff fitted nicely in the bag and the weight is 20kg. Ready for the flight!

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