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Tuesday 11 August 2015

(ENG) Night Run Moscow 2015

Summer night and the sky is blue (c). Press "Read more..." to find bright lights of Moscow, dog runners and Scott Jurek on the Night Run Moscow 2015.

Video is here.

1. There were two "arches" (start and finish), bright and picturesque. "A" to the organizers.

2. Start-line selfies...

3. ... more selfies..

4. Starts! As usual, there were five clusters (A, B, C, D, E) according to the runners' expected finish time. This time, howere, the clusters were arranged not sequentially (one-after-one), but parallel (side-to-side).

5. Nice tattoo ))

6. The flashlights were given withthe starters' kit. Some iof the runners put their flashlights on their heads, some preferred to keep them in hand,

7. The km marks were quite visible and distinct.

8. Zombie run?

9. These are the runners spotted in the "blurred video" part from the youtube video.

 10. You can't see this kind of outfit on usual daytime runs!

12. The Luzhniki stadium, which hosted the Night Run, is currently being rennovated, so part of the course was surrounded by construction fence, .


 14. The dog is husky. Several of them took part in the Night Run. All of the dogs train all-year round: winter - going in harness, summer - running.

15. No, he's not cutting his way. Just a lose shoe-lace ))

16. Don't ask, I don't get it.


18. Some parts of the course were lighted very nicely.

19. Especially the finish gate.

20. Is this SCOTT JUREK?!
No, really, check out the real one:
...and compare to this one:

 21. Reward ceremony..

22. Runners don't leave the place after the finish, but stay to greet the winners.


24. Now, it's time to go home. A shot from Moscow metro (Underground). Attentiveness check: find a runner and a volunteer from the Night Run on the picture:

Stay tuned, stay fit!

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