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Wednesday 30 November 2016

(ENG) Spetses mini Marathon 2016 part 5 - 5K

Of all the menu offered by the #SMM2016 organisers, I've chosen the 5K race, which means my final part of the SMM story is told "from the first person".

1. The same old gate.

2. The day is sunny. Participants are getting ready for the start.

3. Some try to find their best concentration.

4. Some inspect the cameara-man.


6. Time for the wave.

7. And to run!

8. Nice backpack.

9. The first uphill is right around the corner from the startline.


11. Going by the Bouboulina museum.

12. Some streets are narrow, which causes "traffic jam".

13. I wouldn't advice this race for an attempt to beat your personal best (PB).

14. The young man in the red is going pretty fast.

15. Right, it is Rooney himself!

16. Is this legal?

17. Oh, yes, it is. The dog is running with a proper bib.


19. Lot of support along the way.


21. Volunteers give direction.




25. I asked these locals if they know, how far is the finish line...

26. ...but got no answer. Perhaps they are not locals, after all? Or my Greek is poor ((

27. .

28. There was one feed-zone (+one at the finish)



31. Water, isotonic, bananas.

32. Water!

33. The supplies of water were almost unlimited.

34. Which is not the case for trash-containers.

35. .

36. Last turn before the sea-front.

37. The shadow of alien kangaroo is actually mine.

38. Nice views.


40. Tavernas seduce for a pit-stop.


42. Young supporters on the sea-front.


44. Canons remind that independence is not a gift, but a result of concious (and painful) efforts.



47. The girl in yellow was greeted especially warm by the locals.

48. Αμυγδαλοτα [amigda'lota] are local sweets with almond. Speciality of the island of Spetses.

49. Something roaring from behind...

50. ... appeared to be a police motorcycle. Has someone here exceeded the speed limit?

51. The final part of the race goes through a line of cafes. Some are running, others enjoy their coffee...

52. ... or Syrtaki (just kidding, he is not dancing Syrtaki on this photo).

53. I must admit that some of the cafe-goers were a source of powerful support for the runners.

54. Powerful and lively support!

55. Stairs is nothing after all the hills.


57. Many spectators before the finish line.

58. Blow the whistle! If you want to clear the way for the runners, of course.


60. The start uphill is now the finish downhill.


62. Volunteers are holding a ribbon for someone. An age-group winner? Hardly (I was pretty slow, even if compared to the senior age group). Still a mistery.

63. While waiting for the medal, I spot a T-shirt with familiar words....

64.  "run to change diabetes".

65. I had a short talk with a gentleman wearing the same T-shirt. It turned out he didn't have diabetes, but had been given the T-shirt on one of the races as a sponsor's gift. Still, it's a good cause.

66. Medals. at last.


68. SMM2016 finisher, officially!

See previous parts of the #SMM2016 story for logistics, 10K&25K, kids runs and swimming competitions.

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