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Monday 21 November 2016

(ENG) Spetses mini Marathon 2016, part 4 - 10K&25K runs

Spetses mini Marathon (SMM) 2016 10K&25K races.
1. All adult running events on SMM2016 started from Poseidonos square. Participants take photos before the race. Orange bibs mean 10K.

2. I preferred to catch the 10K runners on the road. The first ones can already be seen distantly.

3. Local police is clearing the way for the runners.

4. The leaders.


6. The handbiker does not wear the bib, but he covered the whole distance.

7. The beauty of the lone leadership. The picture looks good...

8. ...and I transformed it to design a T-shirt (find more stuff here).


10. Local Mr Cat helps me choose the right angle.

11. I don't know what the age limit qas for the 10K, but there were many children running.

12. Not all of them were oficially registered for the race, though.

13. For many the SMM is a family event. Most of the participants come from continental Greece, but there are foregners, too.


15. Good photo is all about the right light.

16. Now the finish line. The sun-glasses reecho the blue sky. Bright sun-glasses (blue, yellow, green) are very popular in Greece.

17. -Can't help running!

18. -What?!

19. Many of the participants were followed by their children along the finish corridor.


21. The support from the crowd is very noticeable.

22. The medal ribbon color concides with the bib color. Different colors correspond to different distances.

23. The 10K was on Sat evening, and the 25K was on Sun afternoon. It was hot. The volunteer rehydrates in the pause between cheereing the runners.


25.  Here, the longest part of the race is done (less than 1km to go), but some athletes still have energy to smile and greet the spectators.




29. The safeguard team has a busy weekend.


31. The Spetses residents warmly cheer the runners.

32. The 25K race is hard. Hot weather, many uphills. The last 1km is the hardest one.

33. Race rout is nicely marked ))

34. Green bib corresponds to 25K.

35. The last part of the course goes right through some cafes.

36. While someone os struggling to get to the finish, people around enjoy their coffe. I should say, most of them welcomed the runners with applause. Very powerful boost bfore the finish!

37. Try and finf a 25K runner in this picture ))


39. Finally, the finish arch.

40. One of the safeguards also leads the finish ceremony.



43. The traffic is hard to control.

44. One of the participants is halted at the finish. What's the matter? Oh, it's his birthday today! What a nice birthday present - to finish 25K on Spetses!


46. The birthday man and his couple. Seems they ran the whole distance together - this is denanding in terms of keeping the pace.

47. Look at those sun-glasses )) This pair of runners asked me to take a photo. If you know them, please send them a link to this post.

48. Time to close the finish.

to be continued. in the next part - the #SMM2016 5K race.

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