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Tuesday 8 November 2016

(ENG) Spetses mini Marathon 2016 - part 2 - swim

See the first part here. The second part below is about the swimming events of SMM-2016.

1. SMM opened with kids' swimming competitions of 150m and 300m. The kids are waiting for the start.

2. Some do a warm-up un the sea..

3. Start.


5. Buoys mark the route.


7. Prticipants' parents are waiting on the shore. People in red are the safeguard team.

8. The competition is very high.

9. First finishers.

10. And the last are followed by the safeguard team.

11. Followed and cheered up as well.

12. The finishers get a medal and water.

13. Some are not interested in the medals, though.

14. Others compete very seriously to get their award in age/sex group.


16. It is worth noting that in the 150m race the first two finishers were girls (the faster with an impressive 2:49 finish time).



19. Open-air yoga class for SMM participants.

20. The next day there were adult swim competitions of 3000m and 5000m.

21. The sign on the man's back reads "volunteer".

22. The results are electronically measured using a chip on the leg.

23. 5K swimmers start from the island, swim to the Peloponnese peninsula, and swim back to the island. Those who swim 3K are first brought to the peninsula by a ship, and swim from there to the island. The finish is in the same place for the two distances.



26. There's lot work to do for the safeguards.


28. Young runners watch the swimming race. Their time to start is a little bit later.

29. The first fininshers.


31.Is this device allowed bu the rules?

32. Tough competition.

33.The "yellow" takes it!.

34. The safeguard girl shows the way for the finishers.


36. SUP event (whatever it mans)


38. The last finisher is closely followed by the safeguard team.


40. ...and met with huge support onshore.


to be continued

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