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Friday 25 September 2015

(ENG) Moscow Marathon 2015

This time the photos are grouped in six topics: 1. pre-race 2. start 3. fans 4. runners 5. finish 6. (last but not least) volunteers.

1. Pre-race

The day before the start the start/finish gate is already ready.

The day before the start every participant (about 20K registered, about 15K showed up) should visit the RunExpo to get his/her start kit. The kit included (the usual) t-shirt, bib, a bracelet (to get into the starting area), a bag for the personal stuff (if you want it to be kept in the "cloak-room"), additional bib for the bag, a bracelet to get your bag from the cloak-room and (unusual) a participant's guide in two languages (RUS&ENG), which was very useful (especially for the first-time visitors).

At RunExpo marathoners study the route.

The cloak-room (day before the race).

2. Start

Marathoners and "10K-ers" startsed together, but were divided into five sections, depending on the estimated finish time. You could easily tell by the bib color if a runner runs 42.195 (red lower strip) or 10K (green lower strip)...

...and if a runner is male (white middle) or female (yellow middle), in case you can't tell it without the bib ))

Hands up in a giant "wave".


The time on the official watch is 0:15:00, meaning that the start time of the latest sector (E) lags that of the first starters by 15 minutes.

3. Fans

There were fans with creative banners...

...with bread and salt (literally, this lady offered bread with salt to the runners after the 31km mark).

The refreshment was popular.

Closer to the finish line, supporters insluded those who already completed the 10K race.

4. Runners

Many ran with their kids. Some took the kids just before the finish line...

...others rolled a stroller all the way.

Mark 31km. Many marathoners look fresh and alive.

This is Oleg Fokeev (check out his youtube channel:

Him again, now close to the finish. Still fresh enough to make a "selfie" video ))

Superman detected )) But if you ask me, all those marathoners are Supermen and Superwomen. Just a few of them got caught on my camera:

5. Finish

The gate was closed in 6h 20m after the start time. The ambulance vans leave the track. Tough day for the marathoners, tough day for the ambulance brigades. Despite their best effort, one of the finishers (10K race, 64yrs old) passed away, Rest in peace, Vladimir Mezhevoy, you left us as a real hero...

After the official close, the road before the finish was blocked by some trucks. But they didn't know what real determination is! Marathoners kept coming and surpass the trucks, spectators (few, by this time) cheering up.

The banner initially said "Waiting you at the finish", but was edited to say "Done, finish!" ))

6. Volunteers

The volunteers did great job on the marathon.

They gave medals...

... and water...

...and cleaned the streets. Oops, this one is not a volunteer, she is a municipal employee. Thanks anyway!

Just some general takes on the event. First, the marathon finish (5-6hrs after the start time) was the richest source of live emotions covering all the spectrum from painful struggle to pure joy. 100% worth being there (even if you don't run). Second, the fans did their best to support the runners, but I expected more people to come. The number of marathoners is growing exponentially in Moscow, but the habits of enjoying such events as a supporter are not yet really developed. Third? Running is true joy!

Run, enjoy, and take care!

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