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Monday 13 April 2015

(ENG) The First Run (12 April 2015, Moscow)

Moscow Marathon series ( started on April 12 with the First Run (5K).

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1. The starting kits were to be collected the day before the race. The navigation showed the rout from the underground (metro) station to the kits distribution point...

2. ...which was located in an extraterrestrial spaceship (inside it is a sports center).

3. The starting kit included: (1) a running apparel with the symbols of the event, (2) bib, (3) s sticker with the starting number for cloak-room, (4) a bracelet to get your luggage back from the cloak-room. (5) cloak-room instruction, (6) Adidas' promotional material ("Wake up your neighbourhood"). P.S. Although I mention Adidas several times in this post, the post is not a paid one.

4. You can see the starting corridor on the right. It is empty, but will be filled with the runners soon.

5. The changing room and the cloak-room..

 6. The starting area. The changing rooms and the cloak-room are on the center of the picture, the small construction on the right is the Adidas zone (anyone could register for the "Wake up your neighbourhood" promotion).

 7. The runners are gathering in the starting corridor.


9. Ready, set, GO!
10. Go, go, go!

11. This a perfect reaction to a cameraman. Not me, though - I just happened to run beside a professional photographer ))

12. Medical support was ample. I hope no one needed an ambulance.

13. There were also many volunteers.

14. Not all runners are delicate.

15. The running public is very diverse in terms of age. 

16.  Is this Columbine?

17. What do you think this guy is saying? Make your guess in the comments. The best one will get a prize ))

18. Is he holding a wrehcn? No, this an action-cam on a "self-stick".

19. Some prefer to carry the camera in the hand.

20. Adidas again. The T-shirt says this runner is the leader of her neighbourhood (in terms of the total distance ran, I guess). This lady is the leader of Ostankino district...

21. ...and this gentelman - of Danilovsky district.

22. This lady is wearing "Tikhokhody" runners' club shirt. "Tikhokhody" means "slow-runners", but many of them are not slow at all, if you check the results of many running events. 

23. The best part of the show. Greetings from the fellow-runners. Boosts you, I tell you!



26. The finish line is getting closer...

27. ...and closer.

28. Some manage to greet the public just before the finish.


30. The finish line. The results were pretty dense: 1370 men and 1036 women got into 15 min to 35 min interval.

31. Thanks to my uncle Paul for the finish photo. 

The Moscow running season started, keep in touch to get more reports from running events!

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