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Monday 15 December 2014

(ENG) Athens Authentic Marathon 10K race 9 Nov. 2014

Athens Authentic Marathon 10K race was my fist official race experience. You can find photo-review of the event in this post (most photos were extracted from the acton-cam video).
You can also find short video of the 10K race here:

The Marathon (as well as the accompanying races) starts with the Marathon Expo, which is open 2-3 days before the race day. You have to visit Run Expo to get your starter's kit, which includes your bib (a paper with the starting number and a time-measurement chip), some informational materials, a sponsor's t-shirt and (last but not least) a transportation card, which allows you to use all means of public transportation free of charge for five days. 

1. Athens Marathon Expo 2014 took place in TaeKwonDo Exhibition Center in Paleo Phaliro (if you like modern history, take a chance and visit Averoff battleship-museum in the nearby Marina Flisvou). 

2.Regitration and starting kits.

3.Marathon Expo.

4. Most of the stuff you can find on the Expo is running outfit. You can also find some edible things, like these energy bars.

The runners are advised to arrive to the starting area one hour before the race time, This might make sense for those, who leave their personal belongings in the special area. I didn't, so I had some extra minutes to hang about.

5. Athletes are allowed to warm-up on the Zappeion (Ζάππειον) square.

6. Some do it in a team fashion.

7. Some just take pictures.

8. If you want to use a toilet, prepare to wait in a line.

9. Cellophane keeps you warm in the (chilly) morning, and can be thrown away when the race time comes.

10. The start line is on Leoforos Vas. Amalias (near Syntagma square).

11. Syntagma (the square of Constitution) is the central square of Athens. The Parlament building is on the right.

 12. Running by the Athens University (right).

13. Some runners manage to take photos on their way )).

14. Some are fully concentrated.

15. Some seem surprised.

16. Some run with their families.

Many people take part in running events to do fund-raising for non-profit organizations or to attract attention to some particular (charity) issues. You can find something new just reading signs on backs of people running in front of you.

 17. This lady runs for Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF (Doctros Without Borders).

18. This young man promotes diabetes awareness.

Organizer's data shows there were 14 runners from Team Diabetes (Canada) on the 10K race, but none of them got caught by my camera (unfortunately).

19. Running events attract interesting people. This man ran the race in ancient-Greek-style clothes, holding a thyrsus with laurel in his hand.

20. Safety issues are addressed.

 21. Music bands cheer-up the runners.

22. Feed-point with water and sports-drinks.

23. Its getting warmer (and feels hotter), water is in demand.

24. Were these bottles left for those who missed the feed-zone?

25. The first runners runing back (after the U-turn) were greeted with "bravo".
26. Another drum-band.

27. Doctors are taking care of a runner in trouble.

28. Two friends met on the race-track and are greeting each other.

29. The sign reads "250m to go", but I didn't see the "2", and thought it was "50m" ))

30. The finish is on the ancient Panathinaic Stadium (IV BC), where the first modern-history Olympics were held in 1896.

31. The finish-line. The time-board shows the Gun Time (time from the starting gun shot), which differs from the Net Time (time from crossing the start-line).

32. Girls give a "finisher's medal" to each of the athletes who made it.

33. Selfy with the medal ))
After fininshing the run, taking a shower and changing the clothes I came back to the race road to cheer up the true marathon runners. Managed to take a few photos.

35. Marathoners run by the Hilton hotel.

36. The number on the black screen shows how many runners have run through this gate.
37. 1 km 195 m  to go.

38. Part of the race track is not fenced, Here, a policeman tries to move the crowd (with little success), The man with a backpack has just run the 10K race (at least it is what the number on the backpack tells).
39. One of the last turns.

34. And finally, a photo of mine made by a pro photographer (they are usually present at this kind of events, and after the race you can search for your photo by name or bib-number and download it for a charge).

Keep moving!

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